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2020-2021 Attainment Company Programs
Offered By : Northern Suburban Special Education District

Course ID : 57916

Attainment Programs are research based programs suited for students with significant learning needs. The programs being presented (ELSB, ERSB, Pathways, Math Skills Builder, Early Numeracy, Explore Budgeting, and Teaching to Standards) are programs designed for students starting at the earliest stages of development. John Sajdak, International Training and Accounts Manager for Attainment Company, will provide an overview of the programs and the instructional strategies used in these programs alo

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Credits Available
5.50 Occupational Therapy IDFPR CEUs
5.50 Physical Therapy IDFPR CEUs
5.50 SLP/ Audiology IDFPR CEUs
5.50 Registered Social Worker IDFPR CEUs
5.50 ISBE (PEL) ELIS Hourss
No fee.
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